Join the Advanced Practice Social Work Network

Employers, higher education institutions, practitioners and other stakeholders are being invited to join the Advanced Practice Social Work Network (APSWN), which offers a collective and independent voice for the professional leadership of social work in the UK. The APSWN seeks to support advanced practitioners in social work and specifically aims to:

  1. Advocate for improved funding structures for Post Qualifying (PQ) education to support the professional development of advanced practitioners;
  2. Engage employers in discussions about the training needs of their advanced practitioners and encourage them to continue supporting advanced level PQ programmes;
  3. Engage employers and other stakeholders in the design of advanced level PQ programmes;
  4. Support HEIs in developing new advanced level PQ programmes;
  5. Advocate for advanced practice positions such as Consultant Social Workers;
  6. Develop the research capacity of advanced social work practitioners;
  7. Engage with organisations to help bridge the gap between research and advanced practice in social work;
  8. Engage with the workforce development agenda and policy initiatives such as the White Paper ‘Our Health, Our Care’ and Building Brighter Futures: Next Steps for the Childrens’ Workforce

Further information from Martin Webber at:

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