Can the public sector be more entrepreneurial?

Yes says Bill Liao co-founder of the social network service XING ( and a serial entrepreneur. Bill has developed a free online business course to encourage  and promote entrepreneurial thinking “How to Start Your Business or Social Enterprise – The Stone Soup Way”.   The interactive online business course is inspired by his book “Stone Soup – The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing”. Uncertain times require bold thinking and Bill is a strong believer that entrepreneurship has the power to transform and channel change in society.

 Bill is a mentor to entrepreneurs in the making, helping women and men from very diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to achieve all they can in business, while espousing qualities of enterprise, fairness and ambition. He is dedicated to the vision that business and enterprise, conducted fairly and with respect for the environment, can and will create a better environment for work, life and the world that we all share.

This course is designed to introduce you to Bill Liao’s thinking encapsulated in his book “Stone Soup: The Secret Recipe for Making Something out of Nothing.” This one-hour online course covers the elements necessary to survive and thrive in today’s environment. Bill believes that the course is applicable to any human endeavour or enterprise. To motivate and inspire learners the course features multimedia elements including animation, audio and links to videos. 

As a successful entrepreneur Bill’s philosophy is  “that with commitment, conviction and a positive mind-set, anything is possible. “Stone Soup” is a modern fable about business, community, entrepreneurship and sharing. Mixing a traditional folktale with telling the story of one woman’s journey through life, it contains tasty morsels of wisdom on work, team-building, leadership and courage. This book will nourish the soul of managers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, activists and educators by giving you the fortitude to lead fearlessly in the face of apparently insurmountable obstacles and foster true innovation within your community, group or organisation.  Stone Soup shows that whether we are an investor in business, an employer or employee or a consumer, we can all empower ourselves to make choices which will bring about the world we want”.

I asked Bill what he thought were the benefits for people in undertaking the Stone Soup course. 

“Entrepreneurs are as easily made as they are born. I have found that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur provided they are able to get sufficiently out of their own way and provided they can overcome the deep programming they receive in school.

Look at any kindergarten class that is fresh and not yet institutionalized and you will see masses of action and enthusiasm and quite a bit of planning trade and execution. You will also focus on playing together and having fun. These are all the attributes of truly successful start-ups. If there is a genetic link these days its probably more about being mentally able to withstand institutionalization.

Because I have had experience inspiring people to become successful entrepreneurs I decided that it was time to make some free resources available and to this end have launched an online university course on how to do your own start-up whether it’s for profit or not for profit . I can tell you that one of my greatest joys is seeing new businesses come to life empowering all those involved. So don’t just live into a default future that is given to you by your circumstances design a dream future instead and go for it. All of the tools are there and they are free. True empowerment for me is simply being able to do what you promised you would.

So don’t just live into a default future that is given to you by your circumstances. Design your own dream future instead and go for it. All the tools are there and they are free and true”. Check out the course at 

Bill Liao’s wide-ranging philanthropic endeavours include his participation as an investor and volunteer in The Hunger Project in Uganda, New York and Mexico. More recently, he launched a global citizenship initiative, which enables individuals around the world to make a personal commitment for the future of the Earth in the form of a Declaration of Global Citizenship. His commitment to the environment recognises the huge importance of reforestation in the battle against global warming

Register free today  and take the first steps to developing your entrepreneurial future.

Hear Bill talk at TedXNottingHill about “The  future of Enterprise is….”

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