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Digital Unite – Free Guides to Understanding the Internet

Friday, December 11th, 2009

digital unite small imageWhat will be the impact of the internet on social work practice and the delivery of social services in the next few years? Access to quality information is becoming increasingly important and this is reflected in the success of Directgov which provides access to government services through one website. There is now a government expectation that by 2011, all Local Authorities must provide… “Universal, joined-up information and advice available for all individuals and carers, including those who self-assess and fund, which enables people to access information from all strategic partners.”  Local Authority Circular (DH)(2009)1: Transforming Adult Social Care
If you are just starting to use a computer and want advice in plain English, you have some experience and want to learn more or you are helping people to learn about the Internet it is worth looking at the Digital Unite Learning Zone. Here you can download a range of free Learning Guides covering everything from social networking and blogs through to web tools and security.  Digital Unite has a remit for “helping older people unleash their digital talents” but the Learning Guides provide a useful introduction for anyone of any age who wants to understand more about how to use the internet more effectively. 
The link to the website Get Safe Online is particularly useful with lots of clear and useful advice about things that you can do to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, identity theft and other Internet crimes. It has a quiz, Just how safe are you? that asks you ten questions about online security and directs you to pages with more information if required.

Another useful website with free online learning is Alison ALISON* is the world’s leading free online learning resource for basic and essential workplace skills which includes basic study skills and touch typing skills. All courses on ALISON are accessible free to individual learners.

Shirley Ayres Consulting are committed to empowering people through access to knowledge and information. We are very aware that in the 21st century organisations need to find different ways to engage, excite and energise their stakeholders. This doesn’t just mean communicating well – it means having a good story to tell. Our approach combines extensive knowledge of the care sector with new technology to promote effective communications.   We support individuals and organisations to make connections and partnerships across sectors and disciplines.

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Workstation Ergonomics – a free health and safety training course from ALISON

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

workstation ergonomicsALISON’s newest free interactive multimedia e-learning course explains the simple and inexpensive principles that help create a safe and comfortable computer workstation environment. With information, instruction and training, this Health & Safety training course will help individuals avoid accidents, injury and ill-health possibly caused by bad posture or the likes of repetitive strain injury (RSI) and other poor habits formed around the office or home computer.

The course will be of special interest to employers, especially those in small & medium enterprises as a tool to assist in meeting health and safely obligations in the workplace. ALISON provides free group management functionality that allows any trainer, tutor or teacher to create a learning group to which they can invite learners. The benefit is that all tracked learning by the learners of the group can then be easily documented, in terms of lessons covered, grades achieved and time spent.

Enrol on this free course today at ALISON

Welcome to ALISON  which enables anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive self-paced multimedia.

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Welcome to ALISON the worlds leading free online learning resource

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

ALison - Free Learning

ALISON* is the world’s leading free online learning resource for basic and essential workplace skills. ALISON provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia courseware for certification and standards-based learning. All courses on ALISON are accessible free to individual learners.

Among its popular offerings are courses to support study for the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) and E-Citizen, two leading international standards of ICT literacy, Financial Literacy, Health & Safety and Touch Typing.

An excellent resource, especially for the first time computer user, the courses are well designed and truly interactive with feedback, quizzes and practice sessions.

The range of courses currently available include: the e-Citizen IT user certification is offered by the British Computer Society in partnership with the ECDL Foundation worldwide; Microsoft Word which introduces the fundamental principles of using Word 2003, Microsoft Access to help learn to use and create a database using Access 2003, to an intermediate level; The Microsoft PowerPoint course provides the user with the ability to produce their own PowerPoint 2003 presentations. 

Psychometric Tests offered in partnership with the Cut-e Group, the international experts in psychometric test development, can help you to understand your personal strengths for employment with respect to personality and competency. New courses are being added rapidly. 

The creators of ALISON, which is a not-for-profit social enterprise, believe that this model of education can save governments and educational institutions billions of dollars every year if it is adopted worldwide. Across the world, billions of people do not have access to high-quality skills-based interactive learning. The reason for this is usually distance and cost. The Internet changes this dynamic and ALISON provides a unique educational opportunity.

Visit the ALISON website , sign up to study online, record the hours for your PRTL and let us know how you are getting on. 

*ALISON stands for “Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online”.

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Inspired partnership promotes education on HIV/AIDS, disease prevention, child care, agriculture and human rights in the developing world

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

 Thare Machi Education (TME) is a UK-registered charity working with community-based partners in the developing world, helping to give women and children trapped in poverty more knowledge and more choice. The Starfish project develops cheap and reliable DVD technology in the users’ own language, and connects with community groups at a grassroots level, TME is working with Eurotalk Interactive to produce one hundred audiovisual lessons on key topics in the languages of the world’s poor.

ALISON, the world’s leading free online learning resource is working with TME to bring many of their educational programmes onto the ALISON free learning platform. This will allow TME to make their content accessible to a massive new online audience worldwide, thus creating another distribution channel to engage with their target audience. In addition, using ALISON’s extensive education and NGO network, it is hoped and expected that TME can greatly extend the reach of its courses.

Commenting on the alliance, Steve Clark, CEO of TME said “ALISON is a terrific opportunity for TME to extend the reach of our educational content far beyond our current distribution network. Mike Feerick, CEO of ALISON stated that ALISON was delighted to welcome TME as a free publisher on ALISON: “We had heard of the effectiveness of the TME videos in the developing world. What surprises most people today is just how much of the world actually enjoys Internet access. The addition of the TME courses is the beginning of our campaign to extend our health literacy portfolio which we intend to make very comprehensive and of course, free to access, over the coming year.”

Both TME and ALISON agree that the need for education in these areas is tremendous. For example, life expectancy in Malawi in 2000 was only 37 years compared with 77 within the UK. Twelve million children in Africa have been made orphans by the AIDS pandemic, and in some communities women in particular have never even heard of AIDS, let alone know how to avoid it. So far, more than 15 million people in Africa are estimated to have died from AIDS – more than the highest estimates of the Iraq war, the Rwandan genocide, the Khmer Rouge regime and the Holocaust combined. TME has active programmes in India, Kenya, South Africa, Cambodia, Uganda, Malawi, Nepal, Zambia, Bulgaria and Romania.

ALISON is committed to extending its free learning offerings, and is interested in hearing from organizations similar to TME about how global health problems can be addressed through the power of the internet.

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