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Welcome to the Third Sector Digital Communications and Social Media 2011 Convention

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Some of you may be aware that I am the Consultant Director for AspireKnowledge a company committed to inspiring, engaging and empowering individuals through innovative, insightful and thought provoking knowledge.

I am delighted to introduce you to our first event the Third Sector Digital Communication and Social Media 2011 Convention.

I wanted to run this convention because of my own work in getting third and public sector organisations to take social media seriously as integral to their communications and engagement with the wider public. As a social worker, as a professional marketer and communicator and CEO of several organisations I understand the challenges and the opportunities for the third sector.

The fact is that whilst many organisations are already embracing the digital age, many others are equally fearful of it or reluctant to see it is a necessity to their way of working. I am passionate about opening up every organisation in the third and public sector to the potential the digital age has to offer – from engaging supporters and service users in the design and delivery of services to raising funds and managing campaigns. This does take education – removing the fear for many that they do not understand digital and social media technology and platforms, challenging the belief that it is too expensive for many organisations to do properly and helping CEO’s realise the tremendous positive impact and opportunity embracing digital strategies can have in every aspect of their work. Working with our excellent partners I have put together a programme of speakers who are themselves a long way forward on that journey either as individuals or organisations.

The knowledge does not begin and end at the convention in June. We have a collaborative approach to sharing good practice, the latest innovations and developments. We are working with our partners, speakers and sponsors to bring a different style to the way the knowledge is delivered. This will not be a traditional event!

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