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Guest post: Shared Voices, the power of genuine communication

Friday, February 11th, 2011


Sergio López Figueroa asks whether evaluation forms are the best and most effective tool to capture the value and impact of your organisation’s work? What about using the power of video for web distribution and involve a number of stakeholders in the making? The value lies in a diverse representation of stakeholders, beneficiaries and influencers being engaged in the creative process using video interviews and by endorsing in their own way the benefits, so the outcome becomes personal and unique.

We work with charitable organisations, mainly -but not exclusively- in the health and arts sector in order to measure the impact of the video in their training, events or to asses fundraising strategies or stakeholder engagement. Moreover our facilitation process involves making sure participants interact with each other, shooting or recording and making it happen. We at Big Bang Lab are not lazy, but facilitators in search of quality of information.

Last Summer I had the opportunity to work with the Otakar Kraus Music Trust (OKMT), a fantastic charity working with children with autism and other disabilities by helping them with one to one music therapy. The children were engaged searching new sounds and exploring their inner creativity. I was very happy to interact with them, their carers, parents and siblings and co-create a video for web. This will help OKMT to create awareness and show the intangible value to potentially new funders. In particular I was touched by the open and positive attitude of parents in relation to their children’s condition which we hope will touch other families in similar situation as well.

Click here to watch an example of this Shared Voices video  The Joy of Music 

For the full article click here  

Sergio López Figueroa is a Spanish creative producer, social entrepreneur based in London, creator of the Cultural Social Responsibility framework. He is the director of Big Bang Lab, a cultural-social enterprise and creative development agency working from consultancy to production and creative learning, actively promoting participatory video, creative oral history and ethical copyright to engage communities as a means towards sustainability and socio-economic development.
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