Could SCIE be part of the eLearning revolution?


With over 1.6 billion registered email addresses in the world and increasing use of the internet, there are plenty of opportunities to study on line in your own time and at your own pace. An increasing number of organisations provide eLearning opportunities which range from updating your knowledge of the law through to preparing for the European Computer Driving Licence. 

The Social Care Institue for Excellence (SCIE) offer a number of invaluable and free resources on line which provide innovative solutions to ensuring that your knowledge and skills remain up to date. A note to SCIE – please provide a certificate to download after completing the programme which can be included in the Post Registration Training and Learning folder.

“Law is often seen as alien to social work values, a tool of oppression and control. However, it is possible to see law as a source of empowerment, if a way can be found through the maze where legal rules, organisational contexts and professional practice meet.” Learning, teaching and assessment of law in social work education

Suzy Braye and Michael Preston-Shoot, October 2006 Online at SCIE’s website

The Law and Social Work

This is a very interactive programme using audio and video, which brings alive key aspects of the law applied to social work practice. Ten modules which explore accountability and intervention, courtroom skills and experts by experience using case studies, quizzes and self assessment tools. This resource was developed for student social workers but is equally relevant to qualified social workers, especially if you are supervising a student on placement. I particularly enjoyed the win a million gameshow!

An introduction to the mental health of older people

This interactive programme aims to raise awareness of key issues, research, messages, policies and approaches relating to the mental health of older people and, in so doing, positively impact on practice. Ten modules cover everything from attitudes and images to ageing through to understanding dementia. Informative and thought provoking and an invaluable resource.

NEW Poverty, parenting and social exclusionThese new e-learning resources are intended to help people working in social care to understand the link between poverty, parenting and social exclusion. The nine training resources include quizzes, videos and case studies of families affected by poverty.

 How are these resources helping your practice? What further e-Learning resources would you like SCIE to develop? Let us know your thoughts.

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2 Responses to “Could SCIE be part of the eLearning revolution?”

  1. Shirley Ayres Says:

    A note to SCIE – it would be good to have a certificate to download after completing the programme to include in a CPD Folder.

  2. Colin Paton - Senior E-learning Project Manager Says:

    Dear Shirley,

    Thank you for the useful feedback.
    We are planning to add a downloadable self-certification for all our e-learning resources soon which will contain a description of the module, learning aims and also space for users to add a comment on what they perceive as their own learning gains.

    Best wishes

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